40+ Cool Gift Ideas For Boys

Panini Sticker Books

Panini sticker books are ideal gifts for boys age 7 to around age 14. This is a great gift to learn sports teams and players. You can a) go thrifty and just buy a few sticker packs with the book or b) spring for a full box of the stickers. Make sure you get the correct year of stickers to go with the book you buy. Buying last year’s book or older provides additional savings. Kids tend to not care what year the sticker book is!

Flybar Trick Board

If you remember POGO balls from the 1980’s this is a very similar product called the flybar trick board. You can use this in the basement, on the driveway or even in the grass for a safer ride.

Raskullz Bolt Light-Up Bike Helmet

Raskullz makes stylish bike helmets for kids. Raskullz helmets come in two sizes. The 3+ size is designed for kids with a head circumference between 48 and 52 cm. The 5+ size is for kids with a head circumference between 50 and 54 cm. Raskullz bike helmets have 4 cm of adjustability in each of their sizes. Kids will wear them even when not on bikes because they look cool.

Banzai Home Run Splash Baseball Slide

This is a conversation piece gift. I have bought this for a 7 year old boy birthday party and it was a huge hit. The box of the Banzai Home Run Splash Baseball Slide suggests age 5 to 12 but in my opinion this gift is best for ages 5 to 7.

Blue Angels F-18 Airplane Kite

Pretty much the coolest kite in the neighborhood. Take to the skies with this Blue Angels F-18 3D Kite. This gift is the conversation piece that all the other guests at the birthday party will be talking about.

Phlat Ball

There is just something intrinsically fun about this phlat ball frisbee that transforms into a ball mid flight. Great for picnics or just throwing it around in the back yard. Definitely a bargain.

Foamstrike Switchblade Boomerang

The foamstrike switchblade boomerang is great fun for a single child. Of course the point of the boomerang is to throw it such that it comes back to you! This boomerang is ideal for children because it is made of foam. It conveniently folds up to save on space.

Banzai Racing Slide

I am a big fan of the Banzai product line for gifts. This Splash Sprint Racing Slide is a great gift for boys with a lot of energy. The racing slide is longer than you might think. The dimensions are 16 ft long by 5 ft wide.

Monopoly Gamer Mario Kart Board Game

This is a fun spin on traditional monopoly. Give the kids a break from the television in favor of a classic board game with Monopoly – Mario Kart Edition. Race for the highest score with this family friendly game.

Klutz Lego Gadgets Activity Kit

The Klutz Lego Gadgets Kit is the perfect gift for the young engineer. Build catapaults, a mixer, a fan, a gravity powered car, etc. This kit comes with a project book to assist in building the various devices.

LEGO Batmobile RC Car Building Kit

Build your own RC race car and then race it with the LEGO Batmobile RC Car Building Kit. Ideal for ages 8 to 12. The child will need access to a cell phone to use this because the app to drive the assembled batmobile requires an app download. Also this item uses 6 AAA batteries.

LEGO Boost Creative Toolbox Building Kit

Build a lego robot to dance, shoot a target, beatbox, play hockey, etc. Also build a rover, a guitar, a robot cat, and more. Over 60+ activities. Connects to an app for iOS, Android, or kindle. Requires 6 AAA batteries. This gift is on the expensive side (currently over $150).

Hercules DJ Control Glow

Become a DJ! Prepare your favorite music tracks on your computer, connect a pair of speakers and/or headphones, connect your DJ Control to a computer (Mac or PC) and get started with your first mixes. This gift is on the expensive side. Currently priced around $250.

Rockem Sockem Robots

It doesn’t get any more classic than this. Mattel games as brought back rockem sockem robots for the modern kid. Adult assembly required. A good gift for fun away from the television.

GoSports Slammo

This is a 2 team game similar in concept to volleyball but obviously more compact. The ball is spiked off the net to the opposing team. The other team then must return the spike in 3 hits or less. Ideal for the back yard or the beach.

Blank Comic Book

A blank comic book makes a great gift with over +100 pages of blank comic book scenes ready for you to fill. Bang! Boom! Pow!!

How to Code: A Step-By-Step Guide to Computer Coding

Inspire the next Mark Zuckerberg with Max Wainewright’s book How To Code – A Step-By-Step Guide to Computer Coding. Best for ages 6 to 12. Hard cover with 128 pages. Does require downloading software to a laptop or PC.

Stomp Rocket Ultra Rocket Stunt Planes

You can’t go wrong with a stomp rocket. This version has 3 stunt planes. Stomp on the pedal and watch them fly! Ideal for ages 5 to 12.

Paper Airplane Kit

The Flying Fun Paper Airplane Kit features 60 predesigned sheets ready to fold and fly. Comes with an instruction manual, 1500 stickers and even 3-D glasses!

Wham-O Hamper Hoops

Combine cleaning up their bedroom with basketball with the Wham-O Hamper Hoops. The parents will declare you a hero!

Retevis RT628 Kids Walkie Talkie

The Retevis RT628 are great for kids to coordinate their next adventure in the back yard! The range on these walkie talkies are advertised as 3 miles (however 1 mile is a more dependable range). Requires 6 AA batteries (3 per unit) that are not included.

Nerf Sports Aero Howler Football

The nerf aero howler football is a fun item for older boys. Test how far you can throw it! This football does not require batteries. The howler makes noise naturally as it soars through the air.

Slackers Ninjaline

The Slackers Ninja Line is for the American Ninja Warriors fans out there who want an obstacle course set up in their back yard. Probably best to check with the parents before buying this item. You will need two sturdy trees to attach the Ninja Line to. Holds up to 250 lbs so parents can join in on the fun!

Laser X Fusion Complete Set

This Laser X Fusion laser tag set is a great birthday gift. This kit comes with 2 laser guns. The range is up to 500 feet! 9 AA batteries are required.

Marky Sparky Doinkit Darts

The Marky Sparky Doinkit Darts game is ideal for all ages. You will be very surprised with how strong the magnets are and how well the magnetic darts stick to the board.

Zing Air Hunterz Z-Curve Bow

The Zing Air Hunterz bow is an impressive toy. This bow is for older kids. It is quite powerful. The soft tip darts can travel well over 100 feet!

Wicked Big Sports Paddle Battle Giant Outdoor Ping Pong and Pickle Ball Set

The Wicked Big Paddle Battle game feels like big ping pong or small tennis. Officially called “pickleball” which is a fast growing sport. This set is for 2 players. You will need additional paddles if you are buying for 4 players.

EZ Goal Multi-Sport Rebounding Net

This giant EZ Goal rebounding net is great for practicing baseball, softball, or even volleyball. Maybe it’s most practical use is a backstop for the neighborhood wiffle ball game.

Baseball Helmet

This traditional gift choice is very practical if your birthday boy plays little league baseball. Ask the parents if the child has their own helmet. If the answer is no this gift is a homerun. This Rawlings Velo helmet design is super cool.

Zuru Bunch O Water Balloons

These water balloons make great gifts for summer parties. These are built to attach to a sink faucet to fill up many water balloons quickly. Great for all ages. Probably a good idea to get approval from the party host before buying these.

Thames & Kosmos Catapults & Crossbows Kit

This catapaults & crossbows kit assists in bulding 5 different catapaults and 5 different crossbows. This item is for ages 8 and up. Great for a future engineer.

GoSports Premium Metal Ladder Golf Toss Game

This is my personal favorite party game. However I own the plastic version and the plastic version often comes apart when playing it. Problem solved with this metal ladder golf toss game from GoSports!

Electric Athletics Lightening Balls

If you have ever played whiffle ball you know that a whiffle ball lasts about 5 seconds before it dents and that becomes annoying. Go next level with these lightning ball whiffle balls which do not dent!

GoSports Splash Hoop 360

This Floating Pool Basketball Game from GoSports is durable yet padded. A great time for the whole family in the pool.

10-Player Flag Football Set

Great fun for the entire neighborhood. No need to play tackle football when you break out this 10 Player Flag Football Set! It comes with orange cones to set up the field.

Umbra Pongo Portable Table Tennis Set

Don’t have a ping pong table but still have a flat table? That will work good enough for this Umbra Pongo Portable Table Tennis Set.

Illustrated Bible for Children – By Lois Rock and Christina Balit

This is one of the best illustrated Bibles I have ever seen for children. The art is fantastic and the content is great. This is a hardcover book. It has been around since 2007 which means you can probably get it used for cheap.

Bop Bag

No child has ever complained about getting a bop bag for a gift. Most of them don’t last long until they break – but while they do last they are a hit – literally!

Mad Libs

This classic word game never goes out of style. Mad Libs are a great cheap gift that can be given with additional cash or a gift card.

Double End Speed Bag

I saved the best for last. This double end speed bag is fantastic exercise. It also builds eye to hand coordination and helps strengthen the weaker hand. Best suited for a basement or a garage. You don’t even really need boxing gloves. Any gloves will work. Watch some YouTube videos of a double end speed bag to see how it works.