Panini Sticker Books Review

Panini Sticker Books have been around since at least the early 1990's.  These are still going strong today - although you won't find them in every store so you may not think of them as an obvious gift choice.  Panini Sticker Books have a lot to offer as a birthday gift or a christmas gift for boys around the age of 7 to 13.

The concept is as follows.  You buy a sticker book for a particular year.  You then buy individual packets of stickers (similar to baseball card packs) for the same year.  When you open up the sticker packet, the stickers are numbered.  Peel off the stickers from the open packet and place them in the sticker book where the number is an open slot.  Repeat repeat repeat until the sticker book is finally completed with no open slots without a sticker.

There is something very satisfying about opening a pack of Panini stickers.  It's like a surprise in every pack.  Kids love to collect and trade them.  If you want to be super gift giver buy an entire box of stickers to shred through.  A great activity for brothers to participate in.  It will also teach the sports teams and the players.

Panini traditionally makes a sticker book / stickers each year for baseball, football, hockey, basketball, and sometimes soccer.  

Here is a pro tip to save money.  Kids generally don't care what year it is.  You can buy an older book with older stickers and the kids don't care generally speaking.  This is a great way to buy a power gift on the cheap.


Panini Sticker Books Review

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