Double End Speed Ball Review

This is the greatest gift that no one knows about.  Welcome to the Save Dollarz review of the double end speed ball.  At it's core, it's a boxing accessory.  But once you try it, you realize it is an addictive and valuable exercise machine.  

This is a great gift for the whole family to be honest.  I have injured my arm on the heavy bag before.  Thousands of punches on the heavy bag, and if you do it wrong once, you can hairline fracture your arm or wrist.  But you don't need to worry about that with the speed ball.  It is much more forgiving.  This device can build hand to eye coordination and possibly even make you ambidextrous.  If not fully ambidextrous, it will certainly strengthen your weaker hand.

To set this device up correctly, you need two bungee chords, a spot to mount this from the ceiling, and a weight to tie the bottom bungee chord to.  I would suggest a room with about 6 feet of space horizontally to mount this, as the speed ball will travel through the air about 3 feet in any direction if mounted tightly.

You can use boxing gloves if you want to, but really any gloves will do.  A double end speed ball can be punched without gloves, but that may be a bit too hard on your knuckles, so instead just choose a comfortable pair of gloves to get this workout in. 

Once you get good at this, you can do tricks if you want.  I have done it blind folded before, but I have been doing this exercise for a long time.  That is an advanced technique!  Some of these speed bags are oval, and some are perfectly circular.  I prefer the circle one, but to each their own.

You will find kids love to do this drill - but adults should try it too!  It's a good workout and has a satisfying and soothing effect when done properly.  A highly suggested gift to someone who has everything.  This gift can be found on Amazon, Ebay or your favorite sporting goods store.  Some come with mount kits and those may be closer to $40.  But if you just need the double end speed bag, you can certainly get that for under $20, which is a great deal!

Double End Speed Bag

Double End Speed Ball Review

The ONE Piano Light Keyboard Review

Are you or your child ready to learn to pay the piano? Then the ONE Light Keyboard is a must have. This electronic keyboard has piano keys that light up to guide the player which keys to press at the appropriate time. The device features 61 light up keys, but it also features an app for iPad / iPhone or even Android devices. The ONE Light Keyboard features 20 different tones built in. Some of these include grand piano, harpsichord, church organ, acoustic guitar, violin, and syhthesizer.

This special app - when activated - recognizes and grades you as you navigate your way through playing a song. In this way it is similar to Guitar Hero and can be thought of as having game modes instead of just plain instruction. The app features 4,000+ sheet music songs to learn ranging from classical to jazz, blues, pop and much more. Settings such as auto-play assist in learn the melody, or a setting such as A-B repeats help in practice mode. A cool feature is that players can record and share their best work on Facebook at any time.

One detail to specifically pay attention to is the fast track for beginners mode. This mode is built to learn a new song in just a few hours. Follow along to the well-planned learning steps featuring hand gesture videos and section exercises. Do not be surprised if you can learn to play simple songs in less than 2 hours or a moderately difficult song in a day or two. That is the power that can be unleashed with this keyboard.

There is no doubt this is not the cheapest gift we have ever featured on Save Dollarz.  However, in comparison to a real piano, you may consider this an absolute steal.  You can find the ONE Light Keyboard for around $250 at this time.

This electronic piano can be plugged into the wall with the power cord, but if you want to take it on the go, you have the option to install 6 AA batteries.

the one piano light keyboard


The ONE Piano Light Keyboard Review

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