Hair Chalk Combs Review

Here at Save Dollarz we try our best to find very creative gifts at very affordable prices.  Never in my life have I seen or heard of Hair Chalk Combs before - but these are a real thing and girls love them for several reasons.

A set of hair chalk combs feature bright, vivid colors that will make your hair demand attention.  Enjoy these unique colors without risk because the chalk washes out easily with any ordinary shampoo.  The specially designed combs apply the chalk through hair for fresh new looks. 

I have seen a hair chalk comb set come in sets of 6, sets of 10, and sets of 13 so it is important to shop around to identify how many colors you want in the set.  If you get a set of 10, the amount of color combinations is an astounding 1,023 color combinations.

Some notes about this product.  Wetting the hair prior may help apply the chalk.  It is important to note when watching videos of this product - light colored hair works best.  If you have dark or black hair unfortunately you probably won't get the vivid effect that your blonde / light brown hair friends are going to experience - but that shouldn't stop you from trying!

Here is a YouTube video illustrating the process of applying the hair chalk ...


Hair Chalk Combs Review

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