Lazy Bracket Phone Holder Review

This unique gift idea is called a lazy bracket.  I have bought these for the entire family a few years ago.  This mount is designed to handle all cell phones universally.  A large clamp on the bottom attaches to a night stand, a desk, a food tray, or a coffee table for example.  The smaller clamp secures the phone.  A flexible goose neck allows for adjusting the angle of mounting. 

I use this product pretty much every day attached to a food tray I set up near the couch.  This product will hold the phone while you are on the couch so that you can do other tasks, but also easily see if your phone is ringing or if an incoming text is coming in. 

It doesn't matter if it is an iphone or an android phone, this mount will securely hold it.  The lazy bracket has small pads on the clamp.  Expect these small pads to come off after extended use - but it doesn't matter - it still holds a cell phone just fine without the tiny pads.  Don't expect this lazy bracket to mount an iPad.  That is a bit too large of a device for this mount.  However, it could mount an iPod just fine if you desire that functionality.

Possibly the best part about this universal mount is the price.  You can routinely find this item under $20 on Amazon or Ebay.  Makes an excellent gift for the person whom already has everything.

Universal Lazy Bracket Phone Holder

Lazy Bracket Phone Holder Review

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