Roller Derby 2N1 Inline or Quad Skates Review

Welcome to the Save Dollarz Roller Derby 2N1 Inline or Quad Combo Skates Review.  My eight year old niece was begging me to buy her these for her Christmas gift last year.  These did not disappoint.  

My niece told me that it's easier to learn on the quad skates but then she prefers the inline skates once she got the hang of it.  That is perfect for this product because these roller derby skates are interchangeable from quad to inline.  The skate boot is easily adjustable for kids with growing feet.  A button is pushed near the bottom side of the skate boot to allow this skate to expand or contract.  These skates do not have laces.  Instead they have two clamp-down buckles.  The quad skates have a brake in the front.  The inline skates have a brake in the back.

The skates can switch by converting from quad to inline and vice versa via 2 hex bolts on the bottom of the skate boot.  Use two allen wrenches on each side simultaneously to loosen or tighten accordingly.  The housing to the skates feels like a sturdy product to me.  

There is a smaller model that is for kids size 12 13 1 and 2.  The bigger skate model adjusts from 3 4 5 and 6.  So it is important to keep that in mind.  These come in a variety of colors.  I have seen this 2-in-1 model in a black and pink combination and also a mint green and purple combination available at Walmart.  I have seen the boy's skates at Target in red and black.  The boy's model is called "caspian" so search for the word "caspian" if seeking a deal for these online for the boy's model.


Roller Derby 2N1 Inline or Quad Skates Review

Hair Chalk Combs Review

Here at Save Dollarz we try our best to find very creative gifts at very affordable prices.  Never in my life have I seen or heard of Hair Chalk Combs before - but these are a real thing and girls love them for several reasons.

A set of hair chalk combs feature bright, vivid colors that will make your hair demand attention.  Enjoy these unique colors without risk because the chalk washes out easily with any ordinary shampoo.  The specially designed combs apply the chalk through hair for fresh new looks. 

I have seen a hair chalk comb set come in sets of 6, sets of 10, and sets of 13 so it is important to shop around to identify how many colors you want in the set.  If you get a set of 10, the amount of color combinations is an astounding 1,023 color combinations.

Some notes about this product.  Wetting the hair prior may help apply the chalk.  It is important to note when watching videos of this product - light colored hair works best.  If you have dark or black hair unfortunately you probably won't get the vivid effect that your blonde / light brown hair friends are going to experience - but that shouldn't stop you from trying!

Here is a YouTube video illustrating the process of applying the hair chalk ...


Hair Chalk Combs Review

Marvin's Magic Glow Art Neon Effect Drawing Board Review

Welcome to another Save Dollarz review.  This time we review Marvin's Magic Glow Art Neon Effect Drawing Board.  The product claims to create amazing glowing pictures that transform and change colors.  There are 36 built-in lighting effects to make your art come to life.  The board is clear so that kids can easily set it above a picture to trace which is futuristic and practical in design.

The box comes with 1 Marvin's Magic Glow Art Board and 4 highlighting pens.  One cool feature is that this product boasts that you can use any highlighter pens that you want to use - not just the 4 that comes in the box - so you may find that bit of information quite useful if you want to buy more separate highlighter pens for an extended color palette.

The process is simple.  Draw your desired pictures on the clear board with the highlighter pens of your choice.  Have a rag handy to wipe off any mistakes you make when drawing.  The real fun starts when you have finished your masterpiece.  This glow art board has a kick-out stand so that you can display this on a table like a picture frame.  Kick out the stand, push the "on" button and turn off the lights.  The glow art neon effect activates and your picasso lights up in neon fashion.  There are 36 built-in lighting effects as mentioned previously.

This product is 12.68 x 1.57 x 8.31 inches in dimensions.  It weighs 1.05 lbs and requires 3AA batteries that are not included.  Comes in pink and black models.  The manufacturer suggests 8+ years and up, but surely kids younger than that will appreciate this cool toy.

Here is a YouTube video if you want to see this in action ...


Marvin's Magic Glow Art Neon Effect Drawing Board Review

Panini Sticker Books Review

Panini Sticker Books have been around since at least the early 1990's.  These are still going strong today - although you won't find them in every store so you may not think of them as an obvious gift choice.  Panini Sticker Books have a lot to offer as a birthday gift or a christmas gift for boys around the age of 7 to 13.

The concept is as follows.  You buy a sticker book for a particular year.  You then buy individual packets of stickers (similar to baseball card packs) for the same year.  When you open up the sticker packet, the stickers are numbered.  Peel off the stickers from the open packet and place them in the sticker book where the number is an open slot.  Repeat repeat repeat until the sticker book is finally completed with no open slots without a sticker.

There is something very satisfying about opening a pack of Panini stickers.  It's like a surprise in every pack.  Kids love to collect and trade them.  If you want to be super gift giver buy an entire box of stickers to shred through.  A great activity for brothers to participate in.  It will also teach the sports teams and the players.

Panini traditionally makes a sticker book / stickers each year for baseball, football, hockey, basketball, and sometimes soccer.  

Here is a pro tip to save money.  Kids generally don't care what year it is.  You can buy an older book with older stickers and the kids don't care generally speaking.  This is a great way to buy a power gift on the cheap.


Panini Sticker Books Review

Banzai Home Run Splash Baseball Slide Review

Welcome to the Save Dollarz review for the Banzai Home Run Splash Baseball Slide game.  This is an outdoor slip and slide activity combined with baseball.  The package comes with a 14 ft x 14 ft water slide diamond to run the bases,  a plastic baseball bat and a ball to play.  

I bought this for my friend's sons for a birthday gift.  The younger kids enjoyed it more than the older because 14 feet isn't that far to run on a baseball field in real life.  Banzai lists the ages as 5 to 12 years old.  I think this product is better for the age group of 3 to 7 to be honest.  

You will need a garden hose to supply the water to  the slip and slide diamond.  Adult supervision is obviously recommended.  This is a good opportunity to learn to slide properly for those well versed in baseball / softball instruction.  For the right age group on hot summer days this game is a super fun activity.

Here is a sample video of this product being used on YouTube ...


Banzai Home Run Splash Baseball Slide Review

Flybar Trick Board Review

Do you remember the POGO ball from the 1980's?  Welcome to the modern version of the POGO ball.  This time around the toy is called the flybar trick board.  This is a hybrid between a pogo stick and a ball hopper.  It can be used indoors or outdoors.  It is particularly ideal for a concrete basement.  Surprisingly it can also be used in the grass as well.  

The flybar trick board comes in a variety of styles and colors including Blue Dawn, Green Mean, Green Ozone, Pink Berry, and Purple Masked.  The packaging includes the pump and 2 needles for convenient inflation. 

The trick board is designed for weight up to 160 lbs.  The company will provide a free replacement inflatable ball if a rare rupture of the ball occurs.  

Product Dimensions: 6.7 x 4.5 x 1.7 inches

Shipping Weight: 2.6 pounds

This YouTube Video from Flybar is convenient for viewing the product in action ...


Flybar Trick Board Review

Air Swimmers Shark Review

This is a review of the Air Swimmers Shark. Air Swimmers are inflatable, remote controlled, indoor fish blimps invented by the William Mark corporation.

This toy is basically a large remote-controlled party balloon in the form of a fish. The balloon must be filled with Helium which allows it to float ominously through the room. It has a one-way valve which provides easy filling, emptying, and re-filling. The company suggests non-diluted helium for this toy. A fully inflated Air Swimmer Shark should last for approximately one week.

The tail fin gently moves back and forth via remote control. With some skill you can propel your Air Swimmer Shark through the room like a big fish would swim through the ocean. It is very satisfying to get the rhythm down. The range of the controller is about 40 feet. This is meant strictly for indoor use only. There is a chance it could fly away outside and cause havoc in power lines.

I would highly suggest more than one adult assemble this. The shark is very large (like FIVE feet long). It must be inflated before attaching the fins and the motor. I assembled this by myself and I basically had to wrestle the shark as I tried to hold steady and attach the fins. The toy comes with sticky decals to secure the fins - but I was quick to use the industrial packaging tape to help secure the fins and the motor. Use extra tape heavily on this product. Assembly by yourself is very difficult. With more than one adult it should be much easier of a task.

I highly suggest this YouTube video to assist in assembling the Air Swimmers Shark ...

I bought this for my 5 year old nephew for his birthday. It was an absolute blast for kids birthday parties. A great gift once assembled. Don't go light on the tape. It will be the highlight of the party when this giant flying shark enters the room. It definitely will command everyone's attention.

Also available in clownfish, bass, regal tang (Dory), and even a Red Angry Bird model. The shark is my personal favorite model of this toy. Requires 4 AAA Batteries (one in the body and three in the controller). Batteries are not included.

Air Swimmers Shark Review

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