How To Get a Free Car

Owning a car could be considered a luxury on its own. Some folks just use a bus pass or Uber or Lyft wherever they go. For those of us fortunate enough to own a vehicle, we know there is ongoing costs associated with maintenance or the occasional car accident. I want to dedicate an article into turning your vehicle into a cash cow. Let's see if we can monetize that vehicle sitting in your driveway.  You may even find yourself with a free car when it's all said and done.

COVID-19 is putting economic pressure on plenty of folks and standards of living rising up. If you were lucky enough to keep your 9 to 5 job during this crisis, it sure would be nice to add some supplemental income by making money with your car if possible. Consider offering vehicular services to earn some extra money. But how? I want to focus on several creative ways to make money with your car. Some will be more lucrative than others. Some are more demanding and challenging. In the end you will still be making that extra buck if you live in an area with opportunity and are able to execute on a game plan. When it comes to offering vehicular services consider what service suits you and blends well with your way of life.

How To Make Money With Your Car

Here is a list of a few creative ways of how to make money with your car ...

On-Demand Transport Services

This vehicular service involves leveraging a ridesharing app like uber, wingz or lyft to drive people from one place to another. Basically, you get customers / passengers through the app based on your location. The map in these apps connect prospective customers / passengers to nearby drivers. Usually you receive your payments through the app. Keep in mind a dedicated percentage might have been deducted for service charges etc. Usually the profits of each journey is not determined by you but by the travelled distance measured. This is a hot niche right now. On-demand transport services are one of the most creatively common ways people make money with their car. Keep in mind you will need to be tech savvy enough to use the apps properly on your smart phone. Also your vehicle needs to meet certain specifications and requirements set forth by the particular app / service you are working for. The big convenience here is that you usually can set your own schedule of what hours you want to punch in. Convenient yet profitable.  Depending on where you live, you can certainly earn enough to cover the monthly payment or lease on the vehicle, essentially earning free car status.

Cash in with Food Delivery Services

Apps like DoorDash, Grubhub and Uber Eats allow you to use your car to deliver food to customers. These have an advantage because they do not require any vehicle requirements or specification. As long as your car can move it can deliver food and become a money maker. The money you receive is also collected through the app after each successful delivery. Basically, you go through your food delivery app, search for nearby customers, go to the restaurants to fill out their order and then deliver. This service type is almost the same as driving passengers around but the only difference is that you’re driving food this time around. It is an active way to make money and is usually done during food breaks or prime eating times. Once again, you have the huge advantage of setting your own schedule with food delivery service apps. You will need to familiarize yourself with how these apps work and be techy enough to operate them.  Once again, depending on demand in your area, there is ample opportunity out there to cover the costs of a monthly payment or lease, earning free car status.

Profit from Car Advertising Services

This service allows for passive income flow. You don't have to fill out orders, drive customers around or deliver anything at all. You just need to wrap your car in advertising vinyl or apply decals. The number of miles you travel daily has no effect on this type of service. Go about your normal business as usual in your car adventures. The only difference is your car may resemble a race car with advertising plastered on the side or on the hood. But hey, it's cool, you are making extra cash. In the winter I drive an older vehicle to keep miles off my "better car". I am seriously considering participating in the advertising wrap programs.

Let's examine what these vehicle advertising wrap programs are looking for ...


Wrapify claims that you can profit up to $400+ a month with their services. Not everyone will rake in that amount. That is on the high end of their earning potential. It is realistic to make an extra few hundred a month with them though. They seem to have a decent amount of advertisers to choose from, and the process is managed and tracked via the Wrapify app. For example, you will need to drive around town with their free app activated to see if you qualify for a campaign.


This is an established car wrapping company that has been around for close to 10 years. Drivers must drive at least 30 miles per day, possess a clean driving record, own a car newer than 2008, and have a factory finish paint job to qualify. Options include a partial wrap or a full wrap.


FreeCarMedia is another option for advertising wrapping on your car. This company has some smaller options like a rear window advertisement that pays around $50.00 a month. If you choose to wrap your entire car, you are looking at around $400 per month. This can be substantial cash! We are talking free car payments here.


Car Bucks might be for you if you aren't interested in the daunting task of vinyl wrapping your entire vehicle. Car Bucks offers custom 3, 6, and 12 month advertising plans for drivers to participate in. The ads from Car Bucks will only be placed on your back window rather than a full vehicle wrap. This is a low risk low reward option. Car Bucks pays out $1 for each hour of driving. This can accumulate up to $20.00 per month (short-term contract) or $25 per month (12-month contract). This option isn't for getting rich, but it's nice for the equivalence of a courtesy tank of gas per month.


It is possible to make money with your vehicle if you are literally driven to do so. If you are a hard worker with some free hours, you can essentially turn your car into a money maker, earning enough to slim down that monthly car payment or even essentially get a free car or a profitable car depending on demand in your neighborhood. Get your side hustle on and drive your way to a pay day!


How To Get a Free Car

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