How To Reduce Your Cable TV Bills

Are you searching the internet to gain the upper hand against Comcast or Verizon because they have raised your bill? Then you have come to the right place. No doubt you are familiar with cable television. Cable TV is commonly known as "pay television" and that price can be sky high - especially after your contract expires. The service is meant to keep you updated with local and international news as well as quality television programs such as sports, cooking, home improvement, movies, sitcoms and more. Some of the major providers include Cox, Comcast Xfinity, Spectrum, Optimum, and Verizon to name a few.

You know the drill. You get lured into that sweet cable package contract with a low rate that is good for about two years. Then what?  After the contract expires the price gouging begins. The pain is sharp when you open up the bill on that 25th month. Right around then is when you start Googling for an article like this. Good thing we wrote this article for you.

On average, Cable TV can cost up to $1,000 per year. That is shocking when you think about it. When the bills get too high, cord cutting cable might look like the next reasonable action to take. You have some options before you take drastic measures. Let's have a look at those options. Below are a few ways you can lower the cost of your cable TV quickly ...

Downgrade Your Package

One great thing about paying for television is that one size does not fit all. There are usually multiple choices to suit your viewing needs. In the event that you are better off without some channels, trimming or changing your package plan can be a very good idea. Typically a customer only watches about 10% to 20% of their total subscribed channels. See what you can do to trim the fat here.

Negotiate with Customer Service

Don't feel timid to negotiate with your Cable Television provider. Instead talk things out with them. Try to request a discount if you can. Give them a clear picture of your needs and budget altogether.

Switch Providers

It doesn't hurt to shop around for another television provider that supplies to your home. Cancellation fees most often do not cost that much in this space, so it is easier for you switch to another provider and still get access to your favorite channels or shows if you feel the need to. The issue is many times it can be hard to find more than one or two TV providers in a town.

Downgrade to One TV

This is a power move if you don't need more than one cable box. That will surely cut costs. Now can you convince the wife and kids that only one room needs this service? Good luck with that sales pitch.

Drop the Internet

This may be an attractive option if you have a phone plan with unlimited data. Perhaps you feel you can just go full blown cell phone usage for your internet needs instead of requiring your internet be supplied from your cable provider. This is one way to slim down the bill. Although, if you do this method, you definitely want to check how good your cell phone reception is without WiFi because you are probably won't have WiFi if you choose this option. Another choice may be to drop the phone service. Again, if your cell phone is delivering all the phone service you need, you will have to consider this option wisely. Look into an "ObiHai Obi200" to replace your more expensive phone service with something much cheaper. I was able to do this in my home and reduce my cable tv bill by $30+ a month.

Monitor Your Bills Like a Hawk

Keep a track of your bills as they come through the front door. Sometimes these Cable TV providers may experience a "glitch" in their system that can incur cost of services that you weren't expecting. It is important to always keep a tab on your plan and your bills from top to bottom.

Comcast Most Effective Negotiation Tactic

I saved the best for last. Do you want to know the most effective negotiating tactic for reducing your cable tv bill? This specifically works for Comcast and possibly it works with others too. You need to prove to them you don't need them. Strategically plan a month where you go without Comcast after your contract expires and they hike up your rates. Call and cancel with authority. Go to your brother's house or your sister's house or your parents house for this month of cable tv fasting. This is exactly the strategy I used. Comcast caved after like 2 weeks. They sent me new offers in the mail begging to win me back as a customer. It was very effective and satisfying.

Cable TV Alternatives

Possibly you never go back. In the event that you would prefer cord cutting rather than lowering the costs, there are several attractive alternate options that will save you a lot of money and still allow you to enjoy watching television. Perhaps you do not know of other pocket-friendly options out there for you? Let's introduce you to them.

Some alternatives require a one-time purchase of an antenna. Others may require internet and streaming services. Whatever alternative you consider, ensure that it suits you and your family's needs.

For the alternatives that require internet or streaming services, you can consider Netflix, Hulu, Redbox, Philo, Disney Plus, and Sling TV for example. These alternatives offer the best services at extremely cheap rates even for premium plans. This definitely saves you money in comparison to traditional cable. Most of these offer access to plenty of movies and TV shows until the end of your subscription. These alternatives usually range from as low as $5.99 per month to as high as $54 per month (which still is likely lower than cable tv costs).


How To Reduce Your Cable TV Bills

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