Marvin's Magic Glow Art Neon Effect Drawing Board Review

Welcome to another Save Dollarz review.  This time we review Marvin's Magic Glow Art Neon Effect Drawing Board.  The product claims to create amazing glowing pictures that transform and change colors.  There are 36 built-in lighting effects to make your art come to life.  The board is clear so that kids can easily set it above a picture to trace which is futuristic and practical in design.

The box comes with 1 Marvin's Magic Glow Art Board and 4 highlighting pens.  One cool feature is that this product boasts that you can use any highlighter pens that you want to use - not just the 4 that comes in the box - so you may find that bit of information quite useful if you want to buy more separate highlighter pens for an extended color palette.

The process is simple.  Draw your desired pictures on the clear board with the highlighter pens of your choice.  Have a rag handy to wipe off any mistakes you make when drawing.  The real fun starts when you have finished your masterpiece.  This glow art board has a kick-out stand so that you can display this on a table like a picture frame.  Kick out the stand, push the "on" button and turn off the lights.  The glow art neon effect activates and your picasso lights up in neon fashion.  There are 36 built-in lighting effects as mentioned previously.

This product is 12.68 x 1.57 x 8.31 inches in dimensions.  It weighs 1.05 lbs and requires 3AA batteries that are not included.  Comes in pink and black models.  The manufacturer suggests 8+ years and up, but surely kids younger than that will appreciate this cool toy.

Here is a YouTube video if you want to see this in action ...


Marvin's Magic Glow Art Neon Effect Drawing Board Review

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