Roller Derby 2N1 Inline or Quad Skates Review

Welcome to the Save Dollarz Roller Derby 2N1 Inline or Quad Combo Skates Review.  My eight year old niece was begging me to buy her these for her Christmas gift last year.  These did not disappoint.  

My niece told me that it's easier to learn on the quad skates but then she prefers the inline skates once she got the hang of it.  That is perfect for this product because these roller derby skates are interchangeable from quad to inline.  The skate boot is easily adjustable for kids with growing feet.  A button is pushed near the bottom side of the skate boot to allow this skate to expand or contract.  These skates do not have laces.  Instead they have two clamp-down buckles.  The quad skates have a brake in the front.  The inline skates have a brake in the back.

The skates can switch by converting from quad to inline and vice versa via 2 hex bolts on the bottom of the skate boot.  Use two allen wrenches on each side simultaneously to loosen or tighten accordingly.  The housing to the skates feels like a sturdy product to me.  

There is a smaller model that is for kids size 12 13 1 and 2.  The bigger skate model adjusts from 3 4 5 and 6.  So it is important to keep that in mind.  These come in a variety of colors.  I have seen this 2-in-1 model in a black and pink combination and also a mint green and purple combination available at Walmart.  I have seen the boy's skates at Target in red and black.  The boy's model is called "caspian" so search for the word "caspian" if seeking a deal for these online for the boy's model.


Roller Derby 2N1 Inline or Quad Skates Review

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