Air Swimmers Shark Review

This is a review of the Air Swimmers Shark. Air Swimmers are inflatable, remote controlled, indoor fish blimps invented by the William Mark corporation.

This toy is basically a large remote-controlled party balloon in the form of a fish. The balloon must be filled with Helium which allows it to float ominously through the room. It has a one-way valve which provides easy filling, emptying, and re-filling. The company suggests non-diluted helium for this toy. A fully inflated Air Swimmer Shark should last for approximately one week.

The tail fin gently moves back and forth via remote control. With some skill you can propel your Air Swimmer Shark through the room like a big fish would swim through the ocean. It is very satisfying to get the rhythm down. The range of the controller is about 40 feet. This is meant strictly for indoor use only. There is a chance it could fly away outside and cause havoc in power lines.

I would highly suggest more than one adult assemble this. The shark is very large (like FIVE feet long). It must be inflated before attaching the fins and the motor. I assembled this by myself and I basically had to wrestle the shark as I tried to hold steady and attach the fins. The toy comes with sticky decals to secure the fins - but I was quick to use the industrial packaging tape to help secure the fins and the motor. Use extra tape heavily on this product. Assembly by yourself is very difficult. With more than one adult it should be much easier of a task.

I highly suggest this YouTube video to assist in assembling the Air Swimmers Shark ...

I bought this for my 5 year old nephew for his birthday. It was an absolute blast for kids birthday parties. A great gift once assembled. Don't go light on the tape. It will be the highlight of the party when this giant flying shark enters the room. It definitely will command everyone's attention.

Also available in clownfish, bass, regal tang (Dory), and even a Red Angry Bird model. The shark is my personal favorite model of this toy. Requires 4 AAA Batteries (one in the body and three in the controller). Batteries are not included.

Air Swimmers Shark Review

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