Wham-o Hamper Hoops Review

Who's looking for a win for both parents and kids? Some genius out there invented a basketball hoop that doubles as a laundry hamper. Score some points when your kids dunk their dirty socks into their Wham-o Hamper Hoops. The design of the hoop is suitable for any door. It probably makes most sense to hang it from a bedroom door, but you be the judge. The laundry bag hangs below the net area. The laundry bag catches the clothes after a fun dunk of dirty shirts. After the laundry bag gets full, simply remove the laundry bag. Now Mom and Dad don't have to yell at everyone to clean up their dirty clothes. The Wham-o Hamper Hoops invites the dirty laundry directly into the laundry bag with fun basketball shots.

While this product is designed for kids, there is no hard and fast rule that says you can't buy this item for a college student for their dorm rooms. We all know dorm rooms can get quite messy. This is possibly one smart solution to that problem. The product also comes with a bonus ball - but we wouldn't focus on that item. This is all about collecting the laundry in a fun way that encourages kid participation.

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Wham-o Hamper Hoops Review

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