Stomp Rocket Ultra Rocket Stunt Planes Review

Kids love to stomp on things and kids love toys that can fly. What better combination than Stomp Rocket Stunt Planes? Get out your stomping shoes to launch these foam stunt planes soaring through the air. This is a toy that does not require batteries. Bring back the excitement of the outside toy away from the television and the ipad. These air rocket launchers are perfect for active girls and boys that love playing in the yard. Just be sure not to launch these airplanes on the roof!

This package includes three Stunt Planes. They are called looper, glider and wildcat. A dynamic adjustable air rocket launch stand and an inviting launch stomp pad with an air hose are all you need to take to the skies. The looper plane attempts to perform giant loops. The glider plane is for long distance and height, with the capability to reach up to 100 feet. The Wildcat plane is designed to perform all kinds of crazy maneuvers and tricks. The foam design permits safe play, although the product does encourage use for ages 5 or older.

The adjustable launch stand allows for changing the trajectory. The wind will definitely effect how these planes fly, so keep that in mind if you live in a windy area. The stomp pad is larger than many would expect. Kids run up to the stomp pad and jump with all their body weight which forces air out of the stomp pad, through the tube and into the rocket. Air powered and kid powered fun!

Stomp Rocket Stunt Planes


Stomp Rocket Ultra Rocket Stunt Planes Review

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