The Spectacular $5 Frugal Night on the Town

I'm going to show you my own invented frugal hack for students, bachelors, singles, and anyone else that wants a fun night out on the town. You can do this for the extremely low cost of $5. I personally do this $5 Night on the Town often. I can endorse it as very effective and I have been doing this for about a year - although with COVID-19 the fun definitely gets interrupted. It is time to share this brilliant game plan with the world. Let me show you how this is done.

This frugal night on the town strategy came to me when my local casino opened up their sportsbook. That's right, my extreme el cheapo Friday and Saturday nights involve a casino and a sportsbook, but I'm not insane, this works.

My local casino is within 15 miles. Calculating for fuel cost, round trip in a vehicle that gets under 30 miles per gallon at roughly $3 for a gallon of gas will get me to the casino and back with $2 remaining. How am I going to get bang for my buck with only 2 bucks remaining?
This hack is made for nights when a lot of sports are on the television. When Major League Baseball (MLB) or the National Football League (NFL) or the National Basketball Association (NBA) are in season, this hack works big time.  The key is going out on a night with a full slate of games being broadcasted. Many games on television maxes out this frugal hack to full potential. For the avid sports fan, this is a darn near perfect plan, as you will see.

I have the DraftKings app on my smart phone. This same technique will work for Fanduel if you prefer that app. Both are available on iPhone and Android. Before I get in the car, I enter into a $1 tournament in DraftKings for tonight's games. For the next three hours or so, I have a contest to cheer for featuring multiple games in a $1 tournament entry. I leave my townhouse with a destination of the local casino featuring a sportsbook.

Parking is free at the casino, so I don't have to pay for parking. There is no door cover cost at the casino, so I don't have to pay to get in the door. I have zero intention of ever placing a bet tonight to be honest. My bet is already in. I put in my $1 DraftKings tournament entry. I have live action. Show me to the bathroom and then to the courtesy soda pop station.

I swing by the courtesy soda pop station where soda is free. Now this is surely one catch. I don't drink which is a huge money saver. If you want to consume alcohol at my particular casino where I am a patron, they do charge for alcoholic drinks. Ahhh but they don't charge for soda. Free drinks for me all night. Clearly this is a money saving advantage for those who don't consume alcohol.

The sportsbook has a wide array of lounge chairs and pub tables. I set up shop in a lounge chair which are surprisingly comfortable. The environment is electric here. I'm seated by folks whom have $1000's of dollars on games in the sportsbook and they get loud and rowdy. Sometimes it's more fun watching people with big money on a sporting event than it is even watching the sporting event itself. There are giant high-definition televisions on every wall. Many sporting events are being broadcast here. I have all I need. I never intend to place a wager in the sportsbook or even play a table game on my frugal night out. To be fair though, I bring friends along who do those things and spend big money - but I don't need to be the one spending big. I'm there to enjoy the dozens of games on the television, get in some fun conversations with new people around me, and see if I can win my $1 DraftKings tournament entry!

This night can last for hours without additional spending. I bet when many of you read this, you assumed this was for only an hour or so - but that's not true. I can watch all the games to monitor the performance of the players I picked in DraftKings. The televisions surrounding me in every direction make sure of that. What's not to like? A DraftKings lineup can have action for a full day depending on the tournament. Yes indeed, this $5 Frugal Fun Night on the Town can last for 6+ hours or more without issue. I don't have to worry about the parking meter running up my bill. The casino parking garage is free all day.

Now say you can't pull this off without an alcoholic beverage or two. Well, at my casino, beers are $2. So if you get 2 beers, you are still coming in under $10. You will find it very hard to beat this strategy (if you are a sports fan). I have read that casinos average making $150 from every person that walks through the front door. Not me! I got them boys beat with my $5 Frugal Night on the Town. A few times I have even made money with this frugal hack - because I won my DraftKings ticket. Not only can you save money with my game plan, you can actually turn a profit before the night is over if your $1 DraftKings tournament goes in your favor.

It should be noted, this same strategy technically works for any bar / restaurant / hangout where many sports games are being broadcasted at once. The keys are to find something local with free parking, free entry, fun people and many televisions broadcasting sporting events from every angle. I would also suggest a comfy chair to sit in for hours.

Do you have a $5 or a $10 Night on the Town strategy that can rival mine? I would love to hear about it. With your permission, perhaps you will allow us to post it on the website. Contact us and tell us about it.


The Spectacular $5 Frugal Night on the Town

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